Gameoff launches gaming creators-focused platform

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With the objective of giving an ideal platform to Indian gamers and helping them to earn revenue, Gameoff has launched its website. The platform will help the Indian gaming community to play and upload various prominent games on the website to earn money.

The platform will give an instant upgrade on what are the major revenue streams for any creator, such as advertisements from the platform that they stream and sponsorships. The platform will share the revenue model of 90-10, which is higher when compared to any other streaming platform.

Founder and CEO Sunny Malhi has been working for the past five years to boost the Indian gaming committee and has created several apps, including Newkit, a news-sharing app, and Trophyapp, an app where gamers can share their short gaming clips.

Speaking on the importance of having such a platform, Malhi said, Analyzing the overall gaming ecosystem, we felt that creators in India are undervalued, their content is undervalued, and we want to fix that. We want to open every possible door for creators that have never been opened before. Unlike other platforms, we are optimized for creators and have concrete plans to help them maximize their earnings as well as bring them closer to their fans. The Indian gaming scenario is growing rapidly, and we want to make sure that Gameoff is an integral part of this revolution.”

Some of the prominent features of the platform include:

  1. Interacting with the local gaming community
  2. Growing as a creator
  3. Recognition as a potential gaming professional
  4. Earning from the content they upload
  5. Engaging with your favorite gamers 

Gameoff beta version was launched in March 2022, and it earned more than 24,000 registrations within a month and a half. The platform is looking to expand its reach and try to include more and more Indian gamers in the upcoming months.