Gang busted in Jharkhand for scamming lakhs on Mahadev App: Three arrested

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The disclosure of a gang involved in scamming lakhs of rupees by placing bets on the Mahadev app has come to light. Police have arrested three individuals associated with the gang from Hazaribagh, Jharkhand. The arrested suspects are identified as Vikas Pal, Kuldeep Mehta, and Rohit Mehta. During interrogation, the suspects confessed to being active on the banned online betting app, Mahadev, and engaging in online fraud.

As reported by The Followup, police recovered 12 mobile phones, SIM cards from various telecom companies, 12 ATM cards, 1 passbook, and 3 checkbooks from their possession. The suspects were found in possession of a cricket bat inscribed with the words “World Cup Winner” and an Airtel fiber cable.

It is reported that after a complaint of online fraud from an individual in Rajasthan, the police took action. According to information received regarding the incident, on February 21, a senior police officer was informed that on February 11, through the mobile number 7890381304 active on the Pratibimb app, a fraud of Rs. 55,000 was committed with an individual in Rajasthan. A team was formed to investigate the matter, and the number was put under surveillance. It was found that the said number was active at the residence of Kedar Mehta in the Corra Thana area under Siyari Sindoor. From there, Vikas Pal, Kuldeep Mehta, and Rohit Mehta were arrested by the police.

They were preying on online fraud victims. Initial investigations revealed that the culprits were transferring money to more than 50 bank accounts through online fraud. They would then withdraw the funds through ATMs and subsequently deposit the entire sum into various bank accounts across different states in the country.