Goa: Mahadev Book operators kidnap youth, demand Rs 20 lakh as ransom

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Another case of kidnapping has surfaced after an individual was taken to Goa as hostage by people linked with Mahadev Book betting app. Reportedly, the kidnappers and Mahadev Book operators have asked Rs 20 lakh in ransom from the youth’s family.

Durg police have already started investigating the case. According to the superintendent of police (SP) Shalabh Sinha, the man held hostage went to Goa to work for the illegal betting platform. When the youth came to know about illegal activities conducted by the app, he decided to leave and go back home. However, the operators held him back in Goa and made him hostage.

As per Patrika’s reports, the police have formed a task force headed by Bhilai Nagar CSP IPS Nikhil Rakhecha and IPS Prabhat Kumar, who have now left for Goa. IPS Rakhecha and Kumar will carry out the interstate operation to rescue the hostage.

Mahadev Book – Not just an illegal betting company

This is not the first time a case of kidnapping have occurred relating to Mahadev book betting app. In July, four illegal betting operators were arrested for kidnapping two youth from Bhopal in order to demand ransom.

While illegal betting was already a huge problem across Chhattisgarh, the people working under them have now started kidnapping people for ransom as police have ramped up their operation. This has further escalated the problem associated with the illegal app owned and operated by Saurabh Chandrakar alias the Pablo Escobar of online betting.

Bilaspur police also recently teamed up with Raipur police and successfully arrested individuals operating illegal betting service using Mahadev Book under the name of a club in Raipur.

With the illegal betting activities by Mahadev Book on a roll in Chhattisgarh, days are not far that the region known for its steel industry will be known more for illegal betting operators.