Mahadev Book: 4 illegal betting operators arrested for kidnapping two from Bhopal

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Operators of Mahadev Book illegal betting app, on the night of July 22-23, kidnapped two individuals from Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh. Reportedly, the operators made them hostages in a hotel by bringing them to Bhilai, Chhattisgarh.

The arrested operators of Mahadev Book app were identified as Shahrukh Khan, Chandresh Verma, Rahul Sinha, and Akash Sahni. The police also recovered their mobile phones, car, and motorcycle. They are currently under police’s interrogation.

According to Zee News Chhattisgarh, Ramkrushna Sahu informed Town Inspector Durgesh Sharma of Supela Police that Yogesh and his friend Sunny Sinha were captivated from Bhopal to Bhilai. He further informed that the kidnappers are also asking for ransom money.

The police started action after the father of one of the hostages, Yogesh Sahu informed police of the situation. Working on the provided information, the police laid down a trap for the kidnapper and successfully rescued the two individuals while arresting four people in the matter.

Senior officers then formed a task force and were able to successfully rescue the kidnapped individuals. The accused got the gist of police intervention and tried to flee. But, the police had set tactical traps at their respective locations.

Mahadev Book and its illegal betting operators are operating shamelessly. Numerous cases come up every other day, especially in Chhattisgarh region. While police are cracking down on these operators on a regular basis, the roots seem to be spread out too much.

Public should remain cautious of using illegal betting apps

People should remain cautious while playing online games and at least verify if the game they are playing is legal. People providing significant returns are often working for these illegal betting operators and should be avoided.

Countless cases related to illegal betting operations come up almost every week related to the Mahadev Book app. However, it is up to users to stay updated and not fall for traps that these people lay.

People who are unsure regarding the illegitimacy and banned apps information can check here.