Google probes issues with Stadia refunds

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Earlier in October, Google revealed that it will be shutting down their cloud gaming platform “Google Stadia”. The company also said that it will be issuing refunds for all the games users bought on their platform.

Some consumers are currently experiencing a number of issues after the refunds for Stadia commenced such as negative Play Point balances as well as significant Google Play Store credits. The company acknowledged, in a statement to 9to5Google, that this problem was unintended and would solely impact US consumers.

Google is also developing solutions for Android users who had Play Points taken away as a result of Stadia refunds. Play points were currency that was used to redeem Play Store Credits, which was an exclusive payment method for Android users.

Some users used the credit they earned by using Google Play Store gift cards to pay for their Stadia purchases due to which some of them are claiming to have received enormous sums of Play Store credit.

The reasoning behind these large sums of Play Store credit might be because the user had not set up any kind of payment method and the support team was unable to transfer the amount to any other payment form except Play Store credit.

Any Stadia-related transactions that are split between Play Store credit and other modes of payment such as online banking, credit cards, etc., according to the report, will probably follow the same split upon reimbursement.

Another problem reported is that some users are now receiving some of the credits back with expiration date as the purchases were made using the money earned from Google Opinion Rewards.

Customers have found that Google is repaying these credits with the same validity as when they were first issued, meaning that the credits spent a year ago in Stadia will not be refunded. Google is yet to comment on this situation.

Google did state that users who are experiencing negative balance in their accounts should refrain from claiming discounts on Play Store purchases until the issue for negative balance is resolved.