Google expands its Google Play Games for PC service to eight other countries

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The Google Play for PC program will soon be available in open beta in eight more countries, including the United States, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Indonesia, the Philippines, Malaysia, and Singapore.

The beta program means that everyone in these locations who has a Windows system and satisfies the system requirements can use a desktop computer to browse Google Play.

The corporation initially introduced Google Play for PC initiative as a small test in South Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Thailand, and Australia. Later, in open beta, it was made available to all players in these nations.

The company also announced that many of the popular titles like 1945 Air Force, Blade Idle, Cookie Run: Kingdom and Evony: The King’s Return have already been added to the service in the last couple of months.

Requirements for Google Play to run have also been changed. Previously it required an eight-core CPU with a gaming GPU and 20 GB of free space, but those requirements have been toned down to a four-core CPU with at least an integrated GPU and 10 GB of minimum space.

In a blog post, Arjun Dayal, director of Google Play Games, said, “We’re thrilled to expand our platform to more markets for players to enjoy their favorite games on Google Play. As we move towards a full release, we will continue to add new features and evaluate developer and player feedback.”

Due to this program, Google has made playing android games with a keyboard and mouse on a computer possible. The company has also started testing these inputs for ChromeOS since September.

This move from Google can be explained by the release of their subscription-based service that provides premium android games for users to play on a monthly fee basis. These types of subscriptions are already quite famous in online computer gaming, and Google might also want to take advantage of this by expanding in the computer gaming sector.