High Court reserves decision on bail plea for Damani Brothers in Mahadev App Case

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In the ongoing legal case surrounding the Mahadev App case, the Damani Brothers, detained in Raipur jail, have sought bail from the High Court. The case, marked by large-scale financial irregularities, has seen the accused navigating the complex legal terrain to pursue freedom. However, as of now, no one implicated in this case has been granted bail.

Sunil and Anil Damani, represented by their legal counsel, filed a bail petition in the High Court, and today, the court heard their plea. As per a report in Live Hindustan the proceedings unfolded before Judge NK Chandravanshi, leading to a thorough debate on the bail. Later, the court opted to reserve its decision after the conclusion of the hearing.

The Mahadev case revolves around accusations of substantial financial misconduct attributed to Anil and Sunil Damani. The brothers allegedly engaged in large-scale money transfers through Hawala, prompting their arrest by the Enforcement Directorate (ED) in the final week of August. The ED initiated the legal action by raiding Durg on August 23, 2023, and registering a case under the Prevention of Money Laundering Act.

Following the raid, Anil and Sunil Damani, along with ASI Chandra Bhushan Verma and Satish Chandrakar, were apprehended. After interrogation, the ED presented the brothers in Raipur jail, where the court subsequently remanded them.

The legal journey for the Damani Brothers began with a bail petition in the ED’s special court in Raipur, a plea that faced rejection. Undeterred, the brothers pursued their mission for freedom by filing a bail petition in the High Court. Judge NK Chandravanshi, presiding over the High Court, heard the arguments about the bail petition and chose to reserve the final decision.

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