Indian NGO Prahar calls for ban on Tencent’s recently released ‘Undawn’

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Indian NGO called Prahar has requested a ban on the recently released open-world survival RPG called Undawn, developed by a studio from Tencent. The NGO provided two reasons why they think that the game should be banned.

First, Prahar believes that the release date of the game, 15 June is the same date when the India-China border clash occurred at the Galwan Valley. Prahar does not believe this is a coincidence and finds it insulting to the soldiers and the country.

Second, The game features weapons like AK47, G36, M416, and MPX and military uniforms similar to the Chinese army and claims that the game is trying to use soft influence on the youth that play this game.

While the facts stated by the NGO are somewhat accurate, without proper investigations by the government, no one can say for sure. The assets used by the game are generally used across all the Tencent games as the company usually purchases the license and use it across the board. Speaking of the release date, it could be a coincidence, but an investigation won’t do any harm.

One thing to note is that the game’s publisher is done by another studio that is not based in China but is owned by Tencent. This is similar to the publishing case of Valorant and League of Legends by Riot Games, which is based in the USA but is owned by Tencent.

On the development side, Undawn is developed by Tencent’s in-house Lightspeed Studios, while Valorant and League of Legends is developed by Riot themselves. This can prompt an investigation in future which will then decide if the game will be banned or allowed to be

If, in any case, Prahar’s accusations are confirmed, Undawn may join the lengthy list of Chinese applications that are outlawed in India.