Tencent makes India comeback with new title ‘Undawn’

Published on:

Gaming developer Tencent has released a new open-world survival RPG (Role Play Gaming) game for both mobile and PC devices titled Undawn. The game is developed by Lightspeed Studios and published by its Singapore and Amsterdam-based global publishing arm, Level Infinite.

This is the first launch by the company after three years. Tencent removed all of its games and mobile apps from India after the Indian government banned them due to national security concerns.

PUBG Mobile, one of the most popular Battle Royale games, was also banned as the game was also published Tencent. Following that co-developer Krafton released BGMI as an alternative which was also banned shortly, but recently saw a temporary unban.

Undawn is described as a seamless online open-world survival RPG which takes place four years after a disaster that infected several people around the world. There are also several different locations like plains, mines, deserts, swamps, and abandoned cities filled with variety of vegetation and creatures.

Since this is a survival game, players will need to make shelter and keep an eye on various stats like Hunger, Hydration etc. to keep themselves alive. Players can also team up with friends to make the survival easier.

While several of the games and apps by Tencent were banned, its subsidiaries located in the US and Europe were still publishing popular games. Valorant and League of Legends by Riot Games along with Clash of Clans and Clash Royale were still available and quite popular.

Gaming industry analyst, Rishi Alwani said that since these companies are operating from outside China, there is no problem in publishing their games. Tencent is also taking a similar route with Undawn by publishing it through Level Infinite.

As of now, Undawn is the only game published from Tencent in the Indian market, but if all goes well, Indian players might get to see other new gaming titles by the Chinese giant very soon. With the rapid growth of the gaming sector, not only Tencent, but companies from around the world are seeking entry in the Indian gaming market.