Jabalpur police bust online betting racket, arrest 11 including kingpin

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Jabalpur police cracked down on an extensive betting racket operating in Madhya Pradesh, leading to the arrest of 11 individuals, including the mastermind behind the operation. The amount of money transactions associated with this illegal betting racket is estimated to exceed Rs.50 crores, according to police sources.

The police investigation has revealed a potential link between the racket and the Mahadev betting App, shedding light on the sophisticated nature of the operation. The kingpin of the racket had reportedly hired a team of experts on a salary basis to facilitate the smooth functioning of this betting racket, reported Free Press Journal.

Among those arrested, the kingpin and six accomplices are from Chhattisgarh, while two individuals are from Bihar and two from Jharkhand. This shows the wide-reaching network of the betting syndicate.

Assistant Superintendent of Police, Sonakshi Saxena, stated that the police received intelligence regarding the presence of an online betting racket operating within a building under the jurisdiction of the Gwarighat police station in Jabalpur. Acting swiftly on the tipoff, a police team conducted raids at the designated location on the night of Thursday and Friday, resulting in the arrest of three individuals. The arrested individuals provided crucial information leading to the identification and arrest of the kingpin, Dipesh Dhanwani, in the Madan Mahal area.

Further investigations revealed that the racketeers were offering links to potential betting players and earning substantial commissions in the process. It is estimated that Dhanwani, the mastermind behind the operation, was providing salaries ranging between Rs.15,000 and 20,000 to his associates to facilitate the illegal betting business. The racket operated through four different websites.

In this operation, the police also confiscated 67 mobile phones, five laptops, 65 ATMs, eight passbooks, and several other digital devices from the possession of the arrested individuals. These electronic devices show the scale and intricacy of the illegal betting operation.