Jabalpur: Gang of five arrested by Special Task Force for online betting

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The Jabalpur Special Task Force (STF) has been successful in apprehending a global gang that supports high-tech internet betting. Five suspects were detained by the STF from Lalmati for using an internet ID to bet.

The gang allegedly created client IDs with Master Key in order to sell them to consumers. The STF has also obtained information on cash, five laptops, twelve mobile phones, and betting accounts with lakhs of rupees that were in their possession.

DSP Lalit Kashyap of STF said, “through the master ID of online platforms,,, betting was being fed to the customers by selling the client ID and putting balance in it.”

Sanjay Khatri, the principal mobster, and his four associates were arrested during the raid by STF. Evidence for creating more than 150 IDs and selling them to buyers via linkages from Dubai by Sanjay Khatri have also been found by the STF.

The gang allegedly received payment from customers who purchased IDs, deposited it in their bank account, and then exchanged them for the customer’s ID by adding the amount of the same points.

Users then used to place bets from the purchased IDs to accumulate points. The users were then paid according to the points they won, and the points were deducted in return.

The STF have taken over the betting accounts of the arrested. The STF also mentioned that the police had previously arrested Khatri for placing bets. During the latest bust, his criminal partner, who used to maintain the ID, was also arrested.

Apart from those two, three more were helping them who used to talk to the customers on the phone and handle the transfer and withdrawal of the money. Further questioning from Khatri revealed that he used to earn around Rs 25,000 every day from online betting.

A few days ago the police also arrested Vikas Agarwal in the Karbala Road Ujarpura Lordganj area of ​​Jabalpur. Agarwal was also caught accepting bets on the India v/s Bangladesh cricket match. In fact, he had also been accepting bets for a long time. Currently, Agarwal is facing a case under Section 4A Speculation Act.