JioGames and Gamestream join hands to provide cloud gaming services in India

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JioGames and Gamestream have announced a 10-year partnership between the companies to provide cloud gaming services to gamers in India.

On the occasion, the president and co-founder of Gamestream, Ivan Lebeau, said, “This 10-year collaboration with JioGames combines our end-to-end technological solution and our content licensing expertise to democratize video games around the world. With JioGames, we are shaping the future of gaming.”

The company said that currently, the cloud gaming service by JioGamesCloud is in beta phase and is available for free for a limited time on mobile and Jio set-top box users for testing and feedback.

Kiran Thomas, CEO of Jio Platforms Limited, said, “India is quickly becoming the new hub for the video gaming industry, with the potential to surpass one billion gamers with the rapid rollout of the high-speed low-latency Jio True 5G network across India.”

“Gaming could potentially be one of the digital services that contribute significantly to the economic growth drivers. This partnership between Gamestream & Jio will provide high-quality cloud gaming experience to every Indian,” Thomas added, as quoted by Yahoo Finance.

Meanwhile, JioGamesCloud showcased its cloud gaming services for the first time during Technology Day 2022 on October 18. The company, which has partnered with Vivo, gave a glimpse of cloud gaming on mobile phones on the day.

With the launch of 5G network in India, companies are now more focused on providing casual cloud gaming services to their customers. Companies like Netflix are moving towards cloud gaming services in a big way.

With cloud gaming services, gamers can play highly demanding and graphic-intensive games on their mobile devices without issues of compatibility. This acts as a way for them to enjoy latest games without buying expensive hardware to run them.

Although playing games using cloud gaming services has its own disadvantages the biggest one is the latency issue. With cloud gaming, it is improbable to play esports titles or competitive games as there will always be input lag but despite this, the service can be used for a great single-player gaming experience.