Kerala: Onam Bumper 2022 lottery winner opens own lottery shop

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Winner of the Onam bumper lucky draw, Anoop, have opened a lottery shop at Manakkad Junction. The 30-year-old won Rs 25 crore from Kerala State Lotteries Department last year and has now opened a lottery shop called ‘MA Lucky Center’ named after the initials of his wife, Maya.

Anoop, who previously drove autorickshaws, made the decision to transition into the lottery industry because he feels that it is what has brought him luck. He decided to try his luck again even after winning the Onam bumper and won prizes up to Rs 5000.

“Though I resumed my earlier profession as an autorickshaw driver, many people were not paying the fares, saying I did not need the money. Hence, my brother is now running the autorickshaw, and I decided to start a lottery shop,” Anoop said in a recent interview with Deccan Herald.

When he won the lottery, Anoop does not believe his luck and has no idea what he will do with all that money when asked by reporters. “At the moment, I don’t know what to say or what to do with the money. I’m just happy. Will think about what to do with it later,” he said.

People rushed to him as soon as word of his incredible good fortune spread. The 30-year-old was compelled to spend many weeks away from his home since strangers and friends flocked to his house in search of financial assistance. As a result, he moved to a different area of the city.

Finally, Anoop decided to open his own lottery shop. Several consumers flocked to his store on the first day of his store’s launch to purchase lottery tickets from the hand of the winner of the top prize.

The state lottery administration decided to keep the winners anonymous if they wanted and started a training session on money management for winners because many lottery winners find it difficult to handle the big prize money.