Kratos Studios eyes global expansion with Brazil launch

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Web3-based social gaming platform Kratos Studios is now launching in Brazil. This is the company’s first step as a part of its global expansion. The gaming firm currently operates under the brand name of IndiGG.

Gaming is one of the mainstream activities in Brazil with more PC gamers compared to India despite having a 1/7th of population size. Kratos Studios have currently established a 12-man team in the country and have over 60 people employed.

Talking to moneycontrol, Kratos Studios’ founder Manish Agarwal said, “Given Brazil’s vibrant gaming population, reverence for local gaming heroes, and its status as a burgeoning market, our expansion aligns seamlessly with our overarching ethos.”

Agarwal believes that simply putting a game out to the players will not guarantee its success. He further said that they would require help of the local Portuguese-speaking community. Input from local communities will help the team to evolve their offerings and provide an engaging experience to users.

As per an official release, the company has distributed Rs 5 crore to over 1,50,000 gamers on their platform in a span of six months. The company estimates this contribution to go up by four times with their expansion in Brazil.

Company eyeing user expansion with Brazil launch

The company’s user base also saw a huge increase. The number of users increased from 3,80,000 gamers in January to 8,21,000 in July. It also provides a platform for developers to release their games to the users.

Indian gaming population is rising to the point where the country is considered the fastest growing country in the gaming space. While RMG titles brought in most of the revenue, 34% of gamers spend money on non-RMG titles.

While the blockchain gaming sector is yet to shine, Kratos Studios’ success proved that the category has a bright future. The developers just have to make engaging games players deem worthy of spending their time on.