‘IndiGG Web 3 Championship’ kicks off with prize pool of US$200k

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IndiGG, a Web3 Gaming DAO today announced the ‘IndiGG Web3 Championship’ and launched the an eSports athlete reputation program alongside which the company claims is the world’s first such program. The championship commenced in Bengaluru and will cover cities including Kolkata, Pune, Chennai, NCR, Dhaka, with the finals to be held in Hyderabad in November 2023. The total prize pool will be of US$200k across all legs.

The championship was hosted and managed by the community itself with the IndiGG clan chiefs managing the entire execution end-to-end. Games ‘EV.io’ and ‘Thetan Arena’ were the games chosen by the community for the championship with ‘Venture X Gaming’ as the title sponsor for the event.

The first leg of the championship saw intra-college tournaments in 64 colleges for each of the games. The top 64 teams for each game then engaged in a journey to top 8, followed by quarterfinals, semifinals and the grand finals. The championship was capped off with an exhibition match amongst the top gaming influencers in the country.

All the main matches were broadcasted live on YouTube. The championship garnered over 1 million plus views as claimed by IndiGG.

Apart from the tournament, IndiGG also commenced the reputation program which will help build a public record of an athlete’s performance. The data will help the evaluation of an athlete’s reliability and sportsmanship in the esports space. The records will also establish credibility and trustworthiness around esports athletes that can be leveraged by teams, coaches and sponsors while onboarding an athlete.

During the championship, the members had an opportunity to build their on-chain reputation as they were awarded badges. The badges are digital tokens that recognize and reward an individual’s involvement and contribution towards an online community. The participating gamers were rewarded with ‘Proof-of-Participation’ badges. A ‘proof-of-participation’ badge is a digital token or symbol that recognizes and rewards an individual’s active involvement and contribution to an online community or platform.

Similarly, the winners received ‘Proof-of-Victory’ badges and the first time viewers were able to mint a ‘Proof-of-Watch’ badge during the livestream of the event.