Lumikai’s new campaign features 40 women trailblazers in India’s gaming and media industry

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The latest campaign called #Pathbreakers, started by Lumikai, an Indian venture capital firm specializing in gaming and interactive media, highlights 40 of the most trailblazing women working in the Indian gaming sector.

According to the firm, the campaign aims to highlight the experiences of women who are making a name for themselves in fields like game design, development, streaming, policymakers, and founders at organizations like Google, MPL, Garena, Games 24X7, Zynga, Ubisoft, Fanclash, Gamescraft, Loco, and Nazara.

According to Financial Express, this new campaign also aims to acknowledge and honor the efforts of these women who are reshaping the status quo and shattering barriers in the industry.

A montage of nine women delivering messages in the fourth iteration of the #Pathbreakers campaign is meant to encourage more women to pursue careers in the quickly expanding gaming and interactive media industries.

The most recent campaign also marks the firm featuring 100 women and highlights their fierce characteristics that are revolutionizing the Indian gaming sector.

Founding General Partner of Lumikai, Salone Sehgal, said, “Two-thirds of Indian households now have women using smartphones. Similarly, women constitute 43% of the 507 million gamers in the gaming industry in India. Creating content, products, and platforms that resonate with this diverse and growing audience is crucial. Lumikai’s #Pathbreakers highlights women impacting the gaming and interactive media industry.”

Lumikai also reported that the Indian gaming market is expected to reach $8.6 billion in value by 2027. The firm also reported that the total number of gamers crossed the 500 million mark in 2022, with around two million new paid customers coming on board every month.