Made in India game ‘In My Shadow’ to release for PlayStation on 11 February

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Play with shadows in uniquely imaginative ways to solve brain-twisting platforming puzzles as you unfold the memories of a girl who struggles to confront herself in her past.

In My Shadow takes on an emotional journey through the mind of Bella in pursuit of reconciliation with her past. The game features four rooms with a total of more than 50 puzzles to solve. Each room offers a different glimpse into her memories, exploring the changing relationships in her family. The shadows within each level must be manipulated via objects to progress and there is often more than one solution to a challenge.

In My Shadow is more than a cleverly designed puzzle platform; it is a heart-warming story into the mind of a young woman looking for answers to questions in her past. Her childhood memories come to life as shadows on the wall of her house, and the player must use those shadows to solve unique puzzles and help Bella try to let go of her past.

The gameplay revolves around a unique core mechanic – the shadows. The player can use the shadows however they like. There can be more than one solution to a puzzle. The game constantly challenges multidimensional mechanics that force us to invent new ways to use shadows.


  • Refreshingly clever puzzles that make use of shadows and shapes in ways that never thought were possible.
  • More than 50 levels spread across the walls of four rooms, each with its own set of distinct mechanics.
  • A heart-felt story about Bella’s mental apprehensions, narrated through her childhood memories.
  • Melodic music that flows seamlessly throughout the game to let player deeply absorb the emotion.
  • A beautifully colorful representation of Bella’s house that reflects the individual personalities of everyone in her family.