Mahadev betting app: A deep dive into a multi-million rupee scandal with zero-balance accounts

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The small town of Gaintara in Katni district of Madhya Pradesh, finds itself at the centre of a financial scandal involving millions of rupees in transactions tied to online cricket betting. The focus of the investigation is the Mahadev Betting App, suspected to be the kingpin in this web of financial fraud.

Local youths in Gaintara, were promised significant financial gains by opening zero-balance accounts in their names. However, they were pawns in a fraudulent scheme, allegedly orchestrated by a local youth named Vivek Patel. These accounts became channels for transactions reaching into the millions. Durgesh Yadav, a resident of Shahnagar, was also approached under the pretext of receiving monthly payments in exchange for opening accounts, revealed an extensive report in Nai Duniya.

The police have launched a comprehensive investigation into the potential links between the online cricket betting circuit and the Mahadev Betting App. The state has been grappling with the pervasive issue of online cricket betting, with recent arrests already made in other major cities. However, high-ranking police officials refrained from making definitive statements until a thorough investigation was concluded.

The funds were initially transferred in small increments within these accounts, eventually culminating in substantial sums being redirected to other accounts. This modus operandi strongly suggests that these accounts were strategically employed to facilitate online betting activities.

As interrogations progress, more individuals have emerged, forming a team of three youths from various cities. The police are actively pursuing interviews with these individuals to gather more insights into the unfolding scandal.

Durgesh, a key figure associated with the controversy, continues to avoid arrest despite the efforts of the police. To capture him, the police have launched a manhunt in various cities, including Shahnagar, Panna, Jabalpur, and others. Meanwhile, another police team has been stationed at a different location for the past two days, attempting to capture Durgesh. Durgesh belongs to a village near Shahnagar in the Panna district, he was pursuing his college education in Katni. He has been involved in illicit activities earlier as well.

The investigation is not limited to Suryoday Small Finance Bank alone; it extends to accounts opened in other banks under the names of these accused. Preliminary findings from Suryoday Bank documents reveal transactions totalling approximately four crore rupees.

As the inquiry intensifies, law enforcement is anticipating further documentation that may shed light on the complicated workings of this financial scandal. The case has the potential to escalate, with transactions potentially reaching into the millions of rupees. This incident highlights the essential and robust regulatory measures to curb such illicit activities and protect unsuspecting individuals from becoming unaware accomplices in these fraudulent financial schemes.