Rajkot police files FIR against Tejas Rajdev, probing online cricket betting network

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The Rajkot City Police has launched a thorough investigation into three separate cases of online cricket betting, uncovering a complex network of illegal gambling activities. The accused, including the Managing Director of PM Angadia, Tejas Rajdev, find themselves entangled in serious charges under the Gambling Act, prompting a comprehensive inquiry by the Rajkot Crime Branch.

The first complaint was lodged on Tuesday, January 23, at 19:35 PM, followed by the second at 21:20 PM, and the third at 22:35 PM. The initial complaint names Suketu Bhuta, Nirav Popat (also known as Montu Khaman), and Tejas Rajdev, while the second implicates Nishant Chag, Suketu Bhuta, and Tejas Rajdev. The third complaint lists Bhavesh Khakhar, Suketu Bhuta, Nirav Popat, Amit Popat (Montu Khaman), and Tejas Rajdev as the accused individuals.

First FIR (19:35 PM): Suketu Bhuta, Nirav Popat (Montu Khaman), and Tejas Rajdev face charges related to their involvement in cricket betting, with the focus on illegal activities under the Gambling Act. The police have initiated a probe into their roles and connections within the gambling network.

Second FIR (21:20 PM): Nishant Chag, Suketu Bhuta, and Tejas Rajdev are accused of participating in illicit cricket betting activities. The police are investigating the extent of their involvement and connections within the broader network of gambling.

Third FIR (22:35 PM): Bhavesh Khakhar, Suketu Bhuta, Nirav Popat, Amit Popat (Montu Khaman), and Tejas Rajdev are implicated in this complaint, with specific attention to their roles in the alleged cricket betting network. The police are exploring the connections and interactions between the accused to build a comprehensive understanding of the illegal activities.

The police initiated investigations immediately after the filing of the FIRs, seizing mobile phones belonging to the accused individuals. Suketu Bhuta, Nishant Chag, Bhavesh Khakhar, and Tejas Rajdev had their phones confiscated, revealing a bunch of evidence related to cricket betting, including account IDs and master IDs.

Interestingly, Tejas Rajdev’s uncle, Rakesh Rajdev (RR), a bookie, has been evading authorities for several years and has various cases related to cricket betting and money-laundering registered against him. While authorities are said to be trying to locate him, Rajdev is said to be absconding from India and is currently based in London and Dubai.