Mahadev Book: Accused Aseem Das requests for reinvestigation of his case in letter to ED director

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Aseem Das, a man who was recently arrested by the Enforcement Directorate (ED) with Rs 15 crore in cash, has requested the ED Director for a reinvestigation of his case and an inquiry to be conducted against ED officials who arrested him.

In a 10-page handwritten letter seen by Free Press Journal, Das has accused Shubham Soni and ED officials for framing him. He denies having any relation with Baghel, Verma, or any Congress leader as claimed earlier.

He further stated that Soni has now moved to either Amsterdam or London from Dubai around November 5 since his work there was complete plus his visa was about to expire.

Das also claimed that Soni was his childhood friend who later went on to become one of the key figures in the Mahadev Book illegal betting app case. Last month, he was invited to Dubai by Soni where he was impressed to see the luxurious lifestyle of the latter’s associates. However, he was not able to meet Soni on this trip.

Another invitation came two weeks after, when a ticket was sent to Das inviting him to Dubai once again. After reaching Dubai, Soni promised Das to help him out in his construction business and the money will be provided to him after he gets back to Raipur.

The letter also mentioned that when Das enquired about the ED investigation, Soni called Ravi Uppal and Saurabh Chandrakar as the masterminds while also claiming that they bribed a certain officer called Mishra to handle the issue.

Regarding his arrest, Das wrote that he was informed about a black Innova car waiting for him at Raipur airport, which he needed to take to go to the Trident Hotel. After reaching the hotel, he received a call to collect money, which was delivered by a biker and kept on the back seat of the car. Das was also given a phone to communicate further.

Interestingly, more bags were loaded into the vehicle with Das being told to park the car within the hotel premises and go back to his room.

Sometime after entering his hotel room, he was greeted by ED officials, who claimed that they seized the vehicle and cash. Das further said that after reaching the black Innova, he was forced to sign on the statement.

After he was sent to jail, Das learned he was accused of bringing money to India and handing it to CM Bhupesh Baghel. In his letter demanding reinvestigation, he asked for call records and CCTV footage to be looked at to identify the biker who transferred the money in the vehicle.