Mahadev Book: Six arrested in raid as police shuts down another illegal branch

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Durg police have taken yet another huge action against Mahadev Book illegal betting app operators as they successfully closed down branch number 456 of Mahadev book providing illegal bets.

During the raid, the police successful arrest six individuals that were handling all the operations. The individuals are identified as Tushar Suryavanshi, Himanshu Mishra, Jatin Chandrakar, Himanshu Tiwari, Mithlesh Rajput and Pradeep Yadav.

Along with these six individuals, the police also seized a laptop, five mobiles, checkbooks, ATM cards, bank passbooks and accounts with transactions worth crores. The accounts are currently frozen, and the money transferred is being tracked.

Speaking in the case, ASP Sanjay Dhruv said, “It is a case of Sector One. Where information was received that some people are operating online satta apps. Police raided and arrested six people after information. Mobiles, bank accounts, and debit cards have been seized from them.”

The police acted on a tip-off about a group of people operating Mahadev book near Vivekananda Udyan, Sector 1 of Bhilai. All the individuals confessed to their crimes and were taken into custody as per SP Shalabh Kumar Sinha.

Interrogation from the arrested individuals revealed that they were providing betting IDs to customers through the Telegram app. Himanshu Mishra, Himanshu Tiwari and Jatin Chandrakar used to look after the deposits, while Mithlesh Rajput and Pradeep Yadav handled withdrawals.

Further investigation also revealed that these same individuals also operated the Goa branch and are also linked to the recent kidnapping of Mahadev’s bookcase, as previously covered.

The branch was operated by a person named Suyash Tamarkar, according to SP Sinha. When Tamarkar refused to work anymore and was planning to head back home he was taken hostage, and a ransom was demanded as damages to their operation. The police have currently rescued the individuals.