Meerut: Gaming dispute between two youth groups turn violent

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Two groups of youth clashed in the Garh Mukhteshwar area of Hapur, Meerut, in what seems to be over a game of BGMI, according to a police report. The report further revealed that the groups started pelting stones at each other, leaving several injured.

The conflict started as a misunderstanding as the group who was playing BGMI was using foul language to their teammates in the online game. Another group nearby thought the group playing BGMI was calling them out, which started the conflict.

Station house officer (SHO) at Garh Mukhteshwar, Somveer Singh, said, “Following the incident, six people were challenged under CrPC section 151 (breach of peace) and three persons have been arrested.”

While the incident mainly occurred due to a misunderstanding, one should take not of their surroundings while playing these online games, even when they are playing with friends.

Actions like these are also one of the primary reasons why online games had to be restricted or monitored, as they promote toxicity as even when the other teammates are your friends, it sends a wrong message to others.

BGMI was temporarily unbanned with restrictions by the government as they wanted to observe if the game still had harmful effects on youth. People acting like these will not only give them a chance to point fingers at the gaming community but may also lead to another ban on one of the best esports titles.

The esports sector is growing rapidly and becoming mainstream every year. The upcoming BGMI Masters Series (BGMS) by NODWIN Gaming will be broadcasted on Star Sports and Rooter.