Microsoft confirms offering Sony 10-year deal for new Call of Duty releases

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Microsoft has confirmed that it has made a 10-year contract offer to Sony in order to maintain availability of Call of Duty on the PlayStation. The future of Call of Duty games across several platforms may soon rest on Microsoft, as the acquisition of Activision by Microsoft is mostly reliant on Federal Trade Commission (FTC) approval.

Sony has previously expressed concern about this significant acquisition, which they believe may lead to an excessive amount of centralization.

Microsoft, now a major player in the gaming market, is in the process of acquiring Activision Blizzard, the company that publishes popular video game brands like Call of Duty. The parties have already signed the deal, but it still needs to be approved by the FTC.

The process of FTC determining whether antitrust laws would permit the acquisition is expected to stretch well into 2023. Companies are frequently prohibited from merging in this way because doing so would result in the formation of a monopoly.

According to rumours earlier, Microsoft reportedly made Sony an offer for a 10-year contract. The day one releases of upcoming Call of Duty games would be guaranteed for Sony under this agreement for an additional 10 years.

Brad Smith, the president and vice chairman of Microsoft, has clarified the company’s position about the Call of Duty deal. According to Smith’s opinion piece published in the Wall Street Journal, Microsoft did make a ten-year offer to Sony and would extend it to other platforms as well.

Smith also claims that Microsoft is prepared to execute a formal agreement that would be recognised as a binding contract by authorities in the United States, the United Kingdom, and the European Union.

Throughout the duration of the transaction, Microsoft and Sony have frequently exchanged jabs. When competing with Microsoft’s Xbox for video game customers, Sony can’t afford to lose a huge game franchise like Call of Duty.

Smith’s offer should comfort Sony’s PlayStation and other platforms, but that doesn’t mean the acquisition wouldn’t be detrimental to PlayStation in other ways. Microsoft is claiming that the deal will be a huge benefit to gamers.