More than 20 arrested for illegal gambling across Pune and Tamil Nadu

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Pune (Maharashtra)

A gambling den in the Vishram Bagh neighbourhood in Pune was raided recently by the Social Security Department of the Crime Branch.

The police filed charges against 12 individuals, including the proprietor of the gambling establishment. Additionally, gambling material, cash worth Rs 25,000 and eight mobile phones worth Rs 1.25 lakh have also been seized.

The crime branch’s social security department received a tip-off about gambling being carried out in a room near Vishram Bagh. Acting on the lead, the police raided the area and discovered 10 people playing cards.

Coimbatore (Tamil Nadu)

In the suburb of Periyanayakanpalayam, close to the Balamalai foothills, the local police arrested 11 people on gambling charges. Inspector Damodaran, sub-inspector Silambarasan and the police team visited the foothills of Balamalai after a tip-off.

After reaching the location, the police surrounded the gang and arrested 11 people. Two of the arrested, Anand Babu and Rajesh Kumar, were indulging in illegal gambling. A total of Rs 1.42 lakh worth of cash and seven motorcycles were seized from the site.

Kallakurichi (Tamil Nadu)

Three people were arrested for gambling near Ulundharpet in Kallakurichi district after the police received information about some people gambling near the wild cat crematorium.

Acting on the information, sub-inspector Alex and the police team hurried to the scene and arrested three suspects. The arrested individuals are identified as, Murugavel, Balu, and Velmurugan. The police seized the money and cards from the location, and have registered cases against the people arrested.