NetEase to include AI-Powered ChatGPT alike in upcoming mobile MMO game

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Chinese gaming company NetEase plans to implement AI NPC dialogue in their upcoming mobile MMO game. The move was set in motion after an AI conversation chatbot like ChatGPT started making a name for itself as one of the most advanced chatbots.

Daniel Ahmad, a gaming analyst with Niko Partners Asia and MENA, discussed the system on Twitter and said that the AI and its chat features might have an effect on how the game is played.

Ahmad said that ‘the game would create conversations that are fully voiced, emotive and impactful’ using AI technology. The NPCs will also react and respond differently according to the player’s input.

Ahmad wrote, “Through AI tech, it would create conversations that are fully voiced, emotive and impactful. For example, you could tell a character their house is on fire, and they’d rush home. Or you could cause a rift between two NPCs in love.”

The company also displayed a Billi Billi demo of its AI technology for the game. NPCs can freely engage with players, converse with them, and provide logical feedback based on previous interactions, claim playtesters.

While many companies have used AI in other industries, like the movies and small-scale work on video games, many people are now wondering about the industry takeover of AI.

AI might sound exciting and efficient for conversations and allow different experiences for players; other uses like voice acting, quest generation and level design might take up a lot of jobs. Big companies like EA and Activision are already exploring ways to implement AI in their future titles.

AI has been used for a long time in game development, like AI-generated landscapes and the use of AI to streamline the game development process; this is the first time a game will feature ChatGPT-like AI conversation NPCs that are not entirely scripted.