Netflix announces its own Internal game studio in Finland

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On September 26, 2022, Netflix announced the establishment of its own internal game studio in Helsinki, Finland. Marko Lastikka, the vice president and general manager of Zynga, another famous game studio, acting as the studio director.

Amir Rahimi, the vice president at Netflix, announced the game studios’ official announcement by the streaming giant. He also said they chose Helsinki for the internal games studio as “It is home to some of the best game talents in the world.” They also have another game studio called “Next Games” in Helsinki, which they acquired earlier this year.

Netflix has also acquired Night School Studio and Boss Fight Entertainment, which are both pretty well known in their field of work, “with all four of these studios focusing on different strengths and areas of gaming, we plan to make games that will suit the diverse taste of our members,” said Amir.

While game engagement on their platform might not have gained that much attention, setting up their own internal games studios could mean Netflix might be preparing to enter the mainstream game market as they have introduced game handles for their gaming service along with many fun and famous games like Oxenfree recently for their subscribers with the acquisition of different game studios. They have also claimed to provide an ad-free and no in-app purchases gaming experience to their millions of members worldwide.

“It’s still early days, and we have much more work to deliver a great games experience on Netflix. Creating a game can take years,” quoted Amir, stating that they’re proud to steadily build a foundation for their game studios and share what they make in coming years. Although developing a good game takes time, everyone is eager to see what Netflix plans on next.