New Delhi: Biggest gaming zone opens at Anand Vihar railway station

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One of the biggest gaming zones in the country has recently been started at the Anand Vihar railway station in New Delhi. Here, anyone, from kids three years of age and above or elderly people up to 80 years can enjoy video games while waiting for trains.

One important thing to note here is that people are not required to have a train ticket in order to play at these gaming zones. Anyone can enter and have a fun time with a wide variety of games available.

The idea was originally proposed to the Northern Railways back in October 2022. The aim was to build gaming zones across three railway stations in New Delhi, namely, Anand Vihar, Hazrat Nizamuddin, and Sarai Rohilla. The railway authorities told that if the idea is agreed upon, proper space for gaming zones will be allocated.

Of these three railway stations, the gaming zone in Anand Vihar is currently open for public. The rest of the stations will soon have their respective gaming zones ready. For now, people who want to experience the new gaming zone can visit the first floor of the building before platform no. 1 at Anand Vihar.

Third railway station in country to get gaming zone

Diwakar Mishra, the person who is currently in charge of the gaming zone at the Anand Vihar railway station, claims that this is the biggest gaming zone at a railway station in the country. Previously, a gaming zone was also opened at Visakhapatnam railway station in 2019 and a Hi-Tech gaming zone in city railway station in Bengaluru last year.

What sets this gaming zone apart is the large number of playable games for people of all ages. These games range from kids games like bike or horse rides for kids along with interactive shooting games, boxing, and table pool for adults.

While there is no entry fees for entering the gaming zone and just explore, people will still be charged to play the games. The amount is also kept quite reasonable, ranging from Rs 50-200 so that majority of people can enjoy the games.