Northern Railway receives proposal to set up gaming zones at Delhi stations

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A proposal for creating a gaming zone at Delhi railway stations has been received by the Northern Railway. The gaming zone is meant to be an enjoyable and fun experience for people waiting at the railway station.

If the initiative receives approval from the officials, the New Delhi railway station, along with Anand Vihar, Nizamuddin, and Sarai Rohilla stations, are expected to have a gaming area inside the station.

The Northern Railway, according to reports, has been presented with a proposal to create a gaming zone inside the railway station. The space for the gaming zone would be allocated by the railway authorities.

The final decision will be made soon on the matter, assuming everything goes according to plan. After the final approval, decisions will be made on construction costs and the size of the gaming area. The gaming zone is believed to become a major attraction for kids as well as adults if approved.

A similar initiative was also done back in 2019 at the Visakhapatnam railway station. A gaming zone was built for the entertainment purpose of the passengers.

Another gaming zone was built recently at City railway station in Bengaluru. The Indian Railway Stations Development Corporation had inaugurated the hi-tech gaming zone in March this year.

A statement from South Western Railways (SWR) had said, “This center, named Gamineazy KSR, has been introduced by a 10-year-old gaming company Gamineazy Entertainment run by IIM-Ahmedabad alumnus Navin Rajendran and his sister Namitha.”

This was also one-of-a-kind gaming zone consisting of console gaming, motion gaming, racing cockpits, virtual reality games and virtual tours.

The new proposal for gaming zone in New Delhi is also believed to be along the same footsteps of the one in Bengaluru with different modern gaming hardware and a variety of games on offer.