New YouTube community guidelines hurting gaming content creators

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The gaming community on YouTube has been experiencing problems, primarily because of a recent change in its guidelines. The company has now updated its community guidelines again, and with every update, it makes it harder for gaming content creators to sustain themselves on the platform.

Creators who produce content for M-rated games have been hindered by YouTube’s recent rules regarding profanity and violent content. Additionally, these new regulations led to the demonetization of the videos.

While the rules are announced back in November 2022, no one actually thought much of them. These guidelines state that creators who use thumbnails, titles, or videos with obscene imagery, audio, or language will not be compensated with ad revenue.

Many YouTubers who specialize in gaming are having trouble because both their older content and their fresh videos are getting demonetized. Before the November update, real-world violence was covered under YouTube’s policy on violent material; however, gaming violence is now specifically mentioned.

Many YouTubers did discover workarounds by including gaps in their videos before profanity. However, even then, if repeated profanity is discovered, the video will eventually be demonetized.

Popular gaming content creator Daniel Condren from RTGame attempted to contact YouTube regarding his restricted and demonetized videos but was denied appeal after only 10 minutes.

Condren told that even his old videos are getting flagged. In response, a YouTube rep said, “As you are aware, all content available on the platform must follow these guidelines, regardless of when they were uploaded or when the policy was implemented,” to Condren.

Currently, other content creators or streamers have not received any communication or response from YouTube. There seems to be no other option except to follow the new guidelines.