Nostra crosses 75 million monthly active users for online gaming through Glance lock screen

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Nostra, a part of consumer technology business Glance, revealed that it has surpassed 75 million monthly active users for online gaming through the Glance lock screen. Out of the total, 25 million are active monthly users in esports competitions and live game streaming.

Nostra, which was formerly known as Glance Gaming, wants to expand to new device surfaces by 2024 in order to reach 200 million monthly active users worldwide. The division wants to create a single gaming hub where people can connect, play, and watch games as well as engage with other players and compete with them. It seeks to provide formats that are experiential and interactive.

Nostra intends to add 600 new games in 15 categories for instant and Android games, bringing its total to over 1,000. The company states that users can play the platform’s instant games right from the lock screen without downloading anything.

“Glance is fully committed to its role in the growth of the gaming industry and Nostra is a huge part of this vision. We aim to reach over 200 million monthly active users in the next two years on the back of the Glance lock screen and several other device partnerships,” said Piyush Shah, president and COO of Glance, as quoted by The Hindu Businessline.

Nostra intends to work with top esports organizers and host more daily streams, competitions, and events. It plans to introduce owned platforms that give aspiring players a chance to be spotted by top professional teams around the world.

The company aspires to introduce a one-stop integrated suite that can help top developers and studios globally to go further than game discovery, and attain scale, contextual engagement, and greater monetization in order to provide more games and formats on the lock screen.