OneVerse Gaming expands with acquisition of PokerSaint

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OneVerse Gaming, a player in the metaverse and gaming technology sector, announced its acquisition of the online poker platform PokerSaint on Thursday. This marks the fourth acquisition by OneVerse in its ongoing expansion efforts within the gaming industry.

As reported by, the undisclosed transaction underscores OneVerse’s commitment to its market position and diversifying its product portfolio. Paul Michael, CEO of OneVerse Gaming, expressed enthusiasm about the acquisition, citing PokerSaint’s innovative gaming strategies and strong market standing as key factors driving the decision.

“This partnership aligns seamlessly with our strategic vision and growth objectives,” Michael stated. “PokerSaint’s pioneering approach to online poker complements our existing framework, positioning us to deliver unparalleled experiences to our users while driving long-term shareholder value.”

Founder of PokerSaint, Kshitij Anilkumar, echoed Michael’s sentiments, highlighting the potential for innovation and expansion resulting from the collaboration.

“Our deep understanding of the poker community, coupled with OneVerse’s resources, sets the stage for a revolutionary shift in the online poker landscape,” Anilkumar remarked. “Together, we are poised to redefine industry standards and elevate the gaming experience for players worldwide.”

The integration of PokerSaint’s innovative practices with OneVerse’s technological infrastructure promises to lead in a new era of player-centric poker games and services. By working together, the two companies want to reach more people who play games and connect with different gaming groups. They hope to do really well in the gaming world and make new standards.

While specific financial details of the acquisition were not disclosed, OneVerse emphasized its commitment to retaining PokerSaint’s workforce, emphasizing a shared ethos and commitment to excellence.

With this latest acquisition, OneVerse its position in the online gaming landscape, making the way for future growth and innovation. As the company continues to pursue strategic acquisitions, industry observers further expansion and consolidation within the rapidly-evolving gaming sector.