OpenAI CEO Sam Altman hints at AI integration into gaming

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In a recent social media post, Sam Altman, CEO of OpenAI and former colleague of Elon Musk, shared his perspective on the future of gaming. He hinted at the transformative role of artificial intelligence (AI). Altman, who co-founded OpenAI alongside Musk in 2015, expressed his belief that the gaming world is all set for innovations.

India Today reported about Altman’s latest tweet, where he stated, “Movies are going to become video games and video games are going to become something unimaginably better”. This statement sparked interest about AI’s potential impact on the gaming landscape.

As Altman is a founding partner at OpenAI, his remarks have led to speculation about the company’s possible involvement in shaping the future of gaming through AI technologies.

The integration of AI into gaming has been happening for some time now. Many modern gaming PCs are equipped with AI processors to enhance the gaming experience.

Nvidia, a leading chipmaker, showcased a glimpse of the future of gaming during the Computex 2023 event, demonstrating how generative AI could enable players to interact with non-playable characters (NPCs) using their own voices. In Nvidia’s demo, players could engage in dialogue with NPCs by simply speaking into a microphone. Presently, the only way to interact with an NOC is through dialogue. In some games like Horizon Forbidden West and Assassins’ Creed Odyssey, one gets the option of choosing a dialogue from the options that appear on the screen to interact with the NPCs. But during Nvidia’s latest demo, it was displayed how a player can talk to an NPC from Cyberpunk.

Recent reports also suggest that upcoming games like GTA VI are exploring AI-powered NPCs, which could enhance player-NPC interactions by imbuing characters with more realistic behaviours and routines. Altman’s vision indicates a potential shift in gaming experiences driven by AI innovations. His tweet hinted at the possibilities that lie ahead, with the potential for OpenAI to play a role in shaping the future of gaming.