Nvidia unveils DLSS 3.5 for all RTX graphic cards

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Nvidia’s RTX cards are famous for their DLSS technology that uses loads of new features like Ray Reconstruction, AI upscaling, frame generation. These help with new ray tracing or path tracing technology, which has now sadly become the crutch of modern AAA games.

The 40 series graphics card came with DLSS 3 which, a tech that was not supported in older cards. This had a lot of people go furious over the DLSS 3.0. However, with the latest announcement, old Nvidia graphics card owners got relieved with the announcement of an upgraded version. This comes as good news after people were left in dust with the initial announcement of RTX 40 series card.

The company recently announced DLSS 3.5 which features enhanced ray tracing, ray reconstruction and performance improvement. The best part is that it will be available to all RTX cards very soon.

Do note that the frame generation technology will most likely be available on 40 series graphics card only, as Nvidia previously said that older cards don’t have the technology to support frame generation.

According to the company, the driver update will be available this fall and was marketed with Cyberpunk 2077 which is also getting a new expansion on September 26. There is a very good chance that the update will be around the release date.

Here’s a side-by-side comparison:

Image Credit – Nvidia

On the surface, the showcase did show less visual artifacts and more accurate lighting. Other small improvements have also been made that people don’t usually see but makes the scene a bit dull.

The fewer artifacts in game were a result of the company ditching the older hand-tuned denoisers with ray reconstruction using AI. It also saw little performance improvement over DLSS 3, but the ultimate verdict will be available upon its release. More information on how it works is available on the official blog post here.