Pakistani woman who married Indian man after meeting on online ludo app deported to her country

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A 19-year-old Pakistani woman, who was arrested last month for entering India illegally after falling in love with a man in Bengaluru whom she met while playing online ludo, was deported to Pakistan on Sunday from the Attari land border in Punjab.

The woman, identified as Iqra Jeewani, decided to marry Mulayam Singh after becoming besotted with him while playing Ludo on an internet application. Mulayam Singh, a 26-year-old from Uttar Pradesh, had been residing in Bengaluru for a few years then, working as a security guard.

Since Jeewani did not possess necessary documents to enter India legally, the couple formed a plan. In September last year, both Mulayam and Jeewani travelled to Kathmandu in Nepal, where they got married according to Hindu customs. After the wedding, the duo left for Bihar and reached Bengaluru on September 28.

“Iqra had a problem in getting a visa, so she was advised, presumably by Mulayam, to first go to Nepal and then illegally enter India via the Sanoli border,” a source said as quoted by The Times of India.

Subsequently, Jeewani changed her name to Rava Yadav, and Mulayam secured an Aadhaar card for her. The neighbours of Mulayam became suspicious when they noticed a Hindu girl performing namaz in his house and alerted the police, who conducted a raid and found Iqra and her Pakistani passport.

Jeewani was arrested and brought to Amritsar for repatriation to Pakistan via the Attari land border while Mulayam was charged under Sections 420 (cheating), 468 (forgery) 495 (concealing marriage) and 471 (forging documents) of the Indian Penal Code.