Raipur: 18 bookies arrested for betting on Mahadev book; raids in Delhi to nab absconding bookies

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In their campaign against gambling, the Raipur police have arrested 18 bookies that were using the Mahadev Book app to bet on online games. Total goods worth Rs nine lakh were recovered from the people arrested.

A total of seven laptops, 28 mobile phones, six laptop chargers, two routers, and one ATM card from them. These bookies were taking several bets on online games like live casinos, poker games, ludo and football games. Additionally, six registers were discovered that included speculative accounts totaling crores.

Furthermore, according to SP Abhishek Maheshwari, Balaram Pathak, a resident of Newai in the Durg district, was arrested in the act of betting with the ID of Mahadev app on Saturday near Hotel Satkar Gali in the Ganj region.

After being questioned, he revealed about betting with his friends from the Durg district, Farukh Rangrej, Mohammad Sameer, Abhimanyu Singh, Vivek Singh, Dilip Kumar Verma, Sanjay Kumar, Tushar Nagdev, and Tushar Kumar Sahu.

While residing in a room at Pillar No. 722, close to Nawada Metro Station in Delhi, they all used to wager on online cricket events, casino games like Lucky-7 and Deccan Tiger, and games like Lucky-7 and Deccan Tiger, according to naidunia.

Similarly, Sameer Khan, a native of Durg, was discovered using the Mahadev app to place mobile bets close to the Host Hotel in the Shastri Market district of Golbazar.

During interrogation, Khan admitted betting along with his other companions, Raj Sahni, Satish Kumar, Rohit Lal, Rahul Kumar, Chandan Dewangan, Imtiazuddin, Ritu Singh and Dhananjay Singh, that were in Delhi.

The six-person squad already stationed in Delhi was informed of this information and instructed to execute raids by the authorities. Following this, both locations in Delhi were raided in order to capture these 16 bookies. On Sunday, everyone was brought to Raipur.

Under section 4(a) of the Gambling Act, a case was filed against the bookies in this instance, and they were jailed. The accused has provided important information regarding additional bookmakers connected to the Mahadev app.