Raj Kundra’s firm accused of fraud in online gaming deal

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In the wake of Shilpa Shetty’s husband Raj Kundra’s recent arrest in connection with an adult film racket, an Ahemdabad-based trader has accused Viaan Industries of having duped him of Rs 3 lakh. Hiren Parmar has filed a complaint with the Mumbai crime branch and cyber police, stating that Kundra’s firm promised to make him a distributor of an online skill-based game called ‘Game of Dot’.

An official quoted by news agency PTI said “Viaan Industries didn’t keep its promise, following which Parmar demanded he be returned Rs 3 lakh that he had invested, but didn’t receive any response.”

He further stated, “Parmar had earlier filed a complaint with the Gujarat cyber department two years ago, but no action was taken.” The complainant also claimed that he was not the only one cheated upon; several other people were cheated by Raj Kundra’s firm too. 

Parmar reported his plight to the Mumbai crime branch after Kundra’s arrest on July 19. 

Meanwhile, as the adult film racket matter intensified, the Mumbai police directed the bank officials of the State Bank of India in Kanpur to seize Kundra’s two bank accounts. The bank official also added that crores of rupees have been deposited in this account. 

Kundra is likely to face charges of money laundering and violation of foreign exchange rules with the Enforcement Directorate (ED). Furthermore, his police custody has been extended till Tuesday. 

Earlier this month, Chandigarh-based gaming company Tendril Gaming acquired Game of Dot (G.O.D), an online cricket game by Viaan Industries of Raj Kundra and Shilpa Shetty Kundra. Tendril Gaming Private Limited is well-known for game development and promotion. The company builds interactive gaming applications.

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