Reports: FAU-G developers nCore games lays off 50% of staff despite raising $10 million

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FAU-G developers nCore reportedly laid off around 50% of its workforce a few months ago, as confirmed by IGN from an independent source. The news comes as quite surprising as the company recently raised $10 million in a new financing round and promised to offer new Web3 and metaverse content.

The reason nCore games came to light was the announcement of their Made in India game called FAU-G. The hype around the game was pretty well, and the game was dubbed as a replacement for recently banned PUBG by many gamers.

The fact that the game was also announced a few days later, the PUBG ban also made many believe that PUBG was actually banned due to FAU-G, but the speculations were later cleared. Most of the players were curious about the game as it was the first attempt for a made-in-India action game.

However, nCore games was not able to reach player expectations as PUBG had already set the bar too high in case of multiplayer mobile game. While the concept and intentions were there, the gameplay was not up to the mark.

With an unsatisfied player base, the game started to get reviews bombed on Google Play Store, which brought the rating for the game down to 2.3. The developers have told that the game was not meant to be an alternative to PUBG and was made to keep the originality of the real events, but the announcement timing and the name of the game suggested otherwise.

The game has also received a multiplayer version, but that also looks in rough shape and is currently in the early access phase. The multiplayer mode is also reportedly developed by another studio.

Recently, the company also funded a new gaming startup called Newgen Gaming. The company currently operates under the Penta Esports brand. All the changes and moves by nCore games currently suggest their focus on the now booming Web3 and Metaverse gaming content.