Rising concerns over illegal activities in Bengaluru: Gaming and betting in spotlight

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Despite continuous efforts by law enforcement, illegal activities continue to pose challenges in Bengaluru, as highlighted by recent data released by the Bengaluru City Police. The city has seen an increase in various illegal betting and gambling practices, with May reporting an increase in arrests under the Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances (NDPS) Act.

As reported by Bangalore Mirror, according to police records, May saw a total of 40 arrests related to NDPS violations, reflecting a trend that has persisted throughout 2024. The months preceding May reported similarly figures: January (38 cases), February (48 cases), March (38 cases), and April (43 cases). The latest figures for May indicate 26 NDPS cases, emphasizing a continuing challenge for law enforcement.

Alongside the NDPS cases, authorities have increased their focus on a range of illegal activities in the city. Leading the list are cases related to gambling and cricket betting, which have resulted in 27 and 34 arrests. These cases have collectively involved 182 individuals linked to gambling and 69 involved in cricket betting. Matka, another form of gambling, contributed to four arrests across two cases, highlighting the breadth of illegal gaming practices targeted by law enforcement.

Additionally, illegal liquor and excise-related offenses have also been a point of focus, with six arrests made in six separate cases. The enforcement of the Prohibition of Immoral Trafficking Act led to 23 cases and 28 arrests, reflecting efforts to combat human trafficking and related crimes.

However, challenges persist in other areas. While one case involving illegal arms was reported, no arrests were made. Cases related to excessive interest rates resulted in two arrests across two cases, highlighting financial crimes under scrutiny. Violations under the EC Act led to six arrests from six cases, and 13 cases under the Copyright Act resulted in eight arrests, illustrating the diverse nature of illegal activities targeted by authorities.

The Cigarettes and Other Tobacco Products Act registered the highest number of cases at 76, leading to the arrest of 79 individuals, signaling an important enforcement effort against violations in this sector.

As Bengaluru continues to address these challenges, law enforcement agencies remain focused on curbing illegal activities through measures and targeted operations. The recent data serves as a reminder of the ongoing battle against crime in the city, highlighting the need for vigilance and community support in maintaining law and order.