Royal Kludge RK61 and RK71: Best customizable gaming keyboards under Rs 6000 available in India

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With PC gaming becoming mainstream rapidly, players are starting to get good options for gaming keyboards. Many of the companies are now offering mechanical keyboards starting at just Rs 1499 compared to few years back when they were considered premium peripheral.

While there are a lot of options for budget mechanical keyboards, they usually do not provide enough customization options, or sometimes do not even come with the type of switches a user wants. Nevertheless, they do provide a great starting point for new players.

Going slightly over the budget range limit, players can get some great choices with loads of customization options and features. If players are looking for a sturdy and fully customizable keyboard they can choose something from Royal Kludge.

The RK61 and RK71 by Royal Kludge both provide a compact design, wired and multiple wireless connectivity options, and Hot Swappable switches that can be customized according to player needs in case they do not like the default keys.

RK61 comes with a 60% layout featuring 61 keys with Blue, Brown and Red Gateron mechanical switches compatible with PC and Mac through detachable USB-C cable.

RK71, on the other hand, features a 65% layout with 71 keys with an option between blue and brown Gateron switches to choose from. Though this one is priced a bit higher than RK61, it provides separate navigation keys.

Both keyboards are compact and sturdy, providing all functionalities of a full-sized keyboard. While many budget keyboards only provide options to switch keycaps, RK61 and RK71 allow users to hot swap switches. The keyboards also feature Bluetooth and 2.4Ghz connection.

Both keyboards can also be customized using a software. Gamers can set macros, switch keystrokes and customize the RGB backlighting. Both RK61 and RK71 come with Keycap Puller, 2.4Ghz Receiver and USB-C cable.

Players can get RK61 for Rs 4949 here.

For those looking for RK71 with dedicated navigation keys can get it here for Rs 5998.