Seven arrests made in Moradabad in cyber fraud case involving Mahadev Betting App

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In a significant crackdown on cyber fraud related to the Mahadev betting app from Moradabad, Uttar Pradesh, the police have arrested seven suspects, including the mastermind of a cyber fraud gang. According to sources, these individuals were involved in defrauding people through the Mahadev betting app, with a total scam amounting to 21 crore rupees, reported the Hindi bulletin IBC24.

The modus operandi of the seven accused involved using the Mahadev betting app and the Telegram messaging app to lure victims into investing money, promising lucrative returns. These criminals, daily, duped individuals of lakhs of rupees, gathering a total of 21 crore rupees through fraudulent means. It is alleged that they targeted unsuspecting individuals, tempting them with promises of high returns on their investments in the guise of online betting.

The Mahadev betting app, which initially seemed like a legitimate platform for sports betting, was reportedly used as a tool by the fraudsters to deceive victims. Operating under the guise of offering betting opportunities, the app facilitated illegal activities, leading to substantial financial losses for many individuals.

Presently, the Cyber Cell Police have taken the suspects into custody. Providing insights into the case, the SSP revealed that the police have arrested the accused and have subsequently remanded them to jail. This operation marks a significant breakthrough in combating cybercrime, particularly in cases involving fraudulent online betting apps like Mahadev.

The arrests underscore the concerted efforts of law enforcement agencies to tackle cyber fraud and protect citizens from falling victim to such scams. With the offenders now in custody, authorities are expected to further investigate the matter to ensure justice for the victims and prevent similar incidents in the future.