Stadia users left with less than a month to upgrade firmware

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Google Stadia users have less than a month remaining to upgrade their firmware. This upgrade will let them continue using the controller wirelessly through Bluetooth with standard devices.

Google announced the discontinuation of their cloud gaming services after a brief run. The company, however, announced that it will issue refunds for the purchases made on the platform, excluding in-game spends.

It is worth mentioning that Google announced the shutting down of Stadia‘s cloud gaming services last year.¬†General Manager of Stadia, Phil Harrison, said that Stadia hasn’t gained as much traction with users, which led to the shutdown.

Google added Bluetooth support for Stadia to make the controllers compatible with standard devices post shutting down the cloud services. However, the final date for firmware update is closing soon. Thus, users failing to do so will be left with the option of wired connectivity only.

The process of upgrading the firmware for Stadia controllers is also quite simple. The steps are easy and once done, the connectivity with standard devices is seamless and hassle-free.

Here are the steps to upgrade firmware for your Google Stadia controllers –

  • Download Google Chrome browser
  • Verify the controller
  • Connect the controller to PC via USB
  • Log onto
  • Agree to terms of service
  • Download and install the update
  • Enjoy wireless connectivity to other devices

It is to be noted that people will not be able to go back once updated. The option of Wi-Fi connectivity along with the ability to use headphone jack while on Bluetooth connection will be disabled. However, the update will make the controller viable for a lot more devices.

For users who run out of time to upgrade or do not want to download Chrome browser, will need to settle for wired connectivity. However, all of this will not make affect the overall functionality of the controller.