Tech VC Shorooq Partners planning to invest in Indian gaming sector

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Shorooq Partners, an Abu Dhabi-based venture capital firm, is considering investing in Indian gaming startups. Associate and head of gaming investments at Shorooq Partners, Tarek Fouad, said that they are currently scouting for Indian gaming corporations.

The three major categories that Fouad and his team are looking out for Indian firms are those that produce ‘AA’ or ‘AAA’ video games, streaming platforms, and game studios. Reportedly, Shorooq Partners have made over 180 investments in 65 companies across various sectors.

Fouad said, “We would love to see the next Twitch. Loco, for example, is a great company from India, building the Twitch for the region. We would like to see narrative and IP or content built with a MENA region and its culture because the majority of these games come from abroad today,” as quoted by Business Journal.

“We can be investing in international gaming corporations and assist them broaden into the (Gulf) area. We will certainly be looking at corporations from India in three classes, one, sport studios which can be constructing for web2, or web3, functions or narratives and primarily for the PC and console style. These are constructing AA or AAA video games and would need to ship them on PC or console,” he said.

Talking about first person and third-person shooter games, Fouad said that they are looking for an open world adventure environment games with expansive gameplay. Furthermore, companies that are working on something similar to game engines, LiveOps and DevOps software program is also in their interest.

Ensure we add value and not just invest, says Tarek Fouad

“We have around seven offices to ensure that we add value and not just invest. This is for gaming companies coming from abroad, as this is not the US or India or China, where it’s a massive market. MENA is a very fragmented market, and you need to know the different nuances for each market,” he concluded.

According to a report on the Indian online gaming industry by E4M, the gaming market is set to reach $8.6 billion in FY27. Currently, the gaming sector in India is over $3 billion, which makes it pretty much clear on why several international firms including Shorooq Partners is looking to invest in the highly potential firm.