Technology provider Juego Studios enters Metaverse and NFT gaming space

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Juego Studios, an AR/VR based technology provider, has ventured into the Metaverse and NFT gaming space. According to the studio, it is one of the major businesses offering services for developing NFT games. The company is currently focused on metaverse and is dedicated to experimenting with and mastering upcoming technologies.

The studio also claims to house some dedicated game developers with many other talented individuals from animation, visual effects, gaming and comics (AVGC) sector.

When asked about the company, CEO of Juego Studios, Suman said, “Juego Studios is a leader in the game development terrain, and we have been experimenting with emerging technologies to integrate creative vision, technical expertise, and project management capabilities. We will continue to adopt new technologies, especially those in the gaming sector.”

Juego Studios currently has two main headquarters, one in India and one in USA, with four branches in Kuwait City, Miami, London and Mangalore. The company also claims to have finished around 500 projects which includes projects for small as well as large scale firms.

The push from the company is self explanatory as the Indian gaming sector is experiencing the highest rate of growth. Along with the gaming sector, the VR gaming space is also gaining popularity among several people.

Recently, Gamitronics partnered with Big Viking Games in order to expand their own online Metaverse event platform “PartyNite”. Rajat Ojha, Founder, Gamitronics said, “The metaverse is a very dynamic and ever evolving platform and scalability is its biggest strength.”

Furthermore, with the popularity of metaverse games like Lazy Horse, IC3D, MetaOne, and NFT games like Operon Origins, Game X Change, Age of Gods, and others, the space looks set for rising activity and pacy growth.