Thailand: Chikoti Praveen granted bail, fined Rs 10,000

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Casino organizer Chikoti Praveen, who was recently arrested in Thailand, has been granted bail by a local court in Thailand. According to the New Indian Express, the court handed everyone involved a fine of 4500 Thai Baht (approx. Rs 10,777).

Praveen along with Madhav Reddy and Chairman of Medak DCCB Bank Chitti Devender Reddy were arrested by Thailand police a few days ago during a raid at an underground casino. Including the three, the police arrested 83 people from India.

Along with those 83 individuals, six from Thailand and eight from Myanmar were also arrested by the police. Many of them tried to flee but ultimately, the police captured all of them. A total of Rs 100 crores worth of assets were seized from the hotel where the casino games were organized.

As of now, Praveen, and others have paid the fine and are free to go. When questioned about the incident, Praveen said that the event was not organized by him and had no information on legality of the such.

Further adding that he was actually invited by one Seeta and Dev, who asked him to take part in the four-day poker tournament that they hosted. As per Praveen’s statements, the organizers also assured him about the legitimacy of poker in the country.

While these were the initial statement from Praveen, there is no guarantee that it is accurate as Praveen is already known to organize casino event outside of India and take people from India to play in these events.

Praveen is also being investigated in India under alleged Foreign Exchange Management Act (FEMA) violations by the Enforcement Directorate (ED).