The best speakers and soundbars for gaming and work

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The best computer speakers are a worthwhile investment, especially for those who work from home. While gaming typically calls for a headset or more personal audio setup, having ambient music playing through quality speakers can significantly enhance concentration during work. Monitor speakers, however, aren’t the ideal solution for this purpose. Here’s a roundup of the top speakers and soundbars to enhance your PC setup.

For gaming PCs, investing in top-tier computer speakers is crucial, as most monitors lack built-in speakers or offer subpar audio quality. If desk space isn’t a concern, there are excellent options available that provide superior sound without taking up much room. These speakers typically connect via Optical cable, aux cable, or Bluetooth, catering to various PC setups and preferences.

While gaming, specific hardware choices are essential for different needs. Competitive multiplayer games benefit from gaming headsets to pick up every detail, whereas more relaxed gaming experiences, like open-world exploration games with ambient music, shine with quality computer speakers. For those who work from home or need reliable audio solutions for general PC use, investing in speakers is the way forward.


The Ruark Audio MR1 MkII wireless speakers deliver exceptional audio fidelity with advanced aptX audio coding technology, ensuring Bluetooth streaming maintains high-quality sound comparable to wired connections. Featuring meticulously engineered drive units for superior performance from a compact design, these speakers minimize distortion and enhance dynamics across a wide range. The integrated amplifiers have been optimized for improved precision and depth, providing a rich listening experience that belies their size. A convenient remote control allows easy operation from anywhere within range, including auto-standby functionality for power efficiency. Versatile connectivity options include outputs for a subwoofer and a switchable line-in with attenuation for various audio devices, while an optical input ensures high-quality connections to TVs and other compatible devices, making the MR1 MkII a versatile choice for audiophiles and home entertainment enthusiasts alike.

Creative T100 2.0

The Creative T100 2.0 speakers, available from sellers like Nylavee and Appario Retail Private Ltd, are powered by AC and connect wirelessly or via auxiliary, USB, and Bluetooth. They are designed as tabletop speakers, weighing 4.41 pounds, and are controlled either by remote or touch interface. The model name is T100, distinguishing it from other models like the SK400, Moxie V500, and GigaWorks T20, each offering different features and designs suited for various audio needs.

Razer Leviathan V2: Multi-Driver PC Gaming Soundbar with Subwoofer

The Razer Leviathan V2 sets a new standard in PC gaming audio with its multi-driver soundbar and subwoofer combination. Featuring 2 full-range drivers and a powerful down-firing subwoofer, it delivers rich, full-range sound that enhances your gaming, movie, and music experiences. THX Spatial Audio technology ensures precise 7.1 surround sound, offering immersive detail and realism. Its compact desktop-friendly design fits neatly under monitors, keeping your workspace tidy, while detachable rubber feet ensure optimal audio projection. Bluetooth 5.2 connectivity provides seamless, low-latency audio streaming, allowing easy switching between up to 8 paired devices via the Razer Audio App. Additionally, powered by Razer Chroma, it boasts 18 customizable lighting zones for dynamic RGB effects, enhancing immersion through synchronized lighting with other Razer gaming devices.

Ant Esports GS350 Pro 2.1 Stereo Gaming Speakers

The Ant Esports GS350 Pro 2.1 Stereo Gaming Speakers redefine audio excellence with their Hi-Fi Stereo Sound and powerful subwoofer, delivering booming audio and deep bass that fills any room with 15 watts of peak power. These speakers are equipped with vibrant RGB LED lights that enhance the gaming or home setup with a futuristic ambiance. Featuring Bluetooth 5.0 technology, they offer fast, stable wireless connectivity alongside USB output for versatile connection options. Convenient centralized controls on the subwoofer allow easy management of Bluetooth pairing, LED lighting, power, volume, and music playback, catering to both Bluetooth-enabled and USB-connected devices across various platforms including Android, iOS, and Windows. Ideal for gaming enthusiasts, these speakers combine performance and style, making them a standout choice for immersive audio experiences.

Ant Esports GS370SB Gaming Computer Speakers 

The Ant Esports GS370SB Gaming Computer Speakers offer a captivating audio experience with their HI-FI STEREO SOUND powered by 2x5w upgraded drivers. These speakers deliver precise high-pitch clarity and deep bass, ensuring an immersive sound whether at low or high volumes. Adding to their allure are brilliant RGB lights that sync to the music, creating a dynamic visual display especially effective in dim environments. Conveniently, volume adjustments are effortlessly managed via a knob on the speaker itself, avoiding the hassle of inline controls. Designed for plug and play simplicity, they feature a 3.5mm audio interface compatible with a wide range of devices including desktops, laptops, and mobiles, ensuring seamless connectivity without the need for drivers or experiencing sound delays.