Sony INZONE H5: Best ultra-premium gaming headsets?

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The INZONE series from Sony was released as a premium gaming headset line-up. Over the years, the series has only bettered itself with improved functionality and best-in-class features. With each upgrade, boasting these ultra-premium headsets has enhanced the overall gaming experience a lot. The latest launch in the series is Sony INZONE H5.

What difference does a gaming and non-gaming headsets have, you ask? For staters, a dedicated boom microphone goes a long way for gaming, especially in competitive games. The driver for gaming headsets are also tuned for surround audio to pick up directional sound cues, while the ones for music are tune differently. And the Sony INZONE 5 does exactly that, plus a lot more.

Sony INZONE H5 technical specifications overview

The Sony INZONE H5 comes equipped with 40 mm drivers with 5-20,000HZ frequency. It also comes with Sony’s customised tuning of 360-degree spatial sound that helps for better immersion inside video games. Not only that, the microphone also has an AI-integrated module for sound isolation.

On the connectivity front, Sony INZONE H5 supports 2.4GHz wireless connectivity that helps in reducing any delay for in-game audio. On top of that, it also helps in keeping away the hassle of cable management or accidental damage to any wire. For those who like to go the ‘wired’ way, can utilize the 3.5 mm jack.

Using wired connectivity also removes the worry about the headset shutting down due to low battery. However, Sony INZONE H5 retains the feature of fast charging and can give a three-hour backup in just 10 minutes. A full charge will provide a whopping 28 hours of runtime, which is pretty great.

Often times, long use of cheap gaming headsets can also become uncomfortable due to cheaper quality foam. This is where Sony INZONE H5’s nylon ear pads help reduce discomfort and allow for longer gaming sessions.

Needless to say, Sony INZONE H5 are truly compatible with PlayStation consoles, which offers a ton of useful features. All in all, these are currently the best and the latest gaming headsets offered by Sony.

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