Tollywood movie teaser intro features illegal betting website ad

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An upcoming Tollywood movie titled ‘Bhagavanth Kesari’ teaser that released a few days ago features an illegal betting and gambling website Khiladi. The movie description also contains a promotional message offering people a lucrative bonus to get people to sign up.

Khiladi is one of those illegal betting websites that have been evading ban from the Indian government. While they offer a variety of games players can put their money in, the main focus is on betting.

Khiladi Tollywood Movie teaser
Khiladi Tollywood Movie teaser

Currently, the website features bets on ongoing Tamil Nadu Premier League (TNPL) cricket matches. Khiladi is also acting as one of the official sponsors in the series Ba11sy Trichy with their surrogate website KhiladiX posing as a news betting website.

These surrogate websites claim to have a focus on sports news, but mainly act as a way to redirect people to their betting website. Some of the most notorious illegal betting websites like 1XBET, FairPlay, parimatch also uses the same method of surrogate advertisement.

In case of KhiladiX, a huge banner asking players to sign up and wind rewards. Furthermore, their betting website also allows various payment methods available in India like UPI and bank transfers.

Khiladi Tollywood Movie teaser 2
Khiladi Tollywood Movie teaser 2

The most awaited Tollywood movie teaser has over 19 million views, which might have persuaded fans of the actors to sign up for the betting website, given that the advertisement was right at the beginning of the film teaser.

This type of advertisement is also among one of its kind as till now, these betting websites used to promote through actors, social media, print media and surrogates. Featuring a betting website before a movie teaser is first time such thing has taken place.

Betting and gambling in any form is prohibited in India due to uncertainty of the gameplay and can result in huge losses. People are advised to not fall for these huge returns at minimum loss policies featured in these betting websites.