Top 3 curved gaming monitors under Rs 15,000 in India

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2. ViewSonic Vx2458-C-Mhd

ViewSonic Vx2458-C-Mhd curved gaming monitor
ViewSonic Vx2458-C-Mhd curved gaming monitor

ViewSonic has also made a name in the Indian market in recent years through its affordable and feature rich equipments. The Vx2458 also follows the same formula of packing as many features as possible in a budget.

While the refresh rate is a tiny bit lower than the Dell monitor, sitting at 144Hz with 1ms response time on a FHD screen, it makes up with other features like different game modes as per player requirement.

The monitor also comes with AMD Freesync, blue light filter and flicker free screen. Not only that, the monitor also comes with inbuilt speakers, so gamers do not have to worry about spending money for purchasing a pair.

People looking to get one here for Rs 12,890.