Top 3 curved gaming monitors under Rs 15,000 in India

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3. Acer ED270R

Acer ED270R curved gaming monitor
Acer ED270R curved gaming monitor

Acer is one of the most popular gaming brand in India. Most of the people know the company for its gaming laptop line-up. However, Acer also makes some curved gaming monitors one can get in India on a budget.

Let’s start with the refresh rate. 100+ fps is the standard nowadays if people want to enjoy gaming, be it single-player or competitive. While slime argue that 60 fps is enough for single-player titles, having 100+ fps is an entirely different gaming experience.

The monitor features 165Hz refresh rate, which is the highest one can get in a budget gaming monitor. It also comes with 5ms response time along with other useful features like anti-flicker screen, AMD Freesync and many more utilities.

It is currently available for Rs 13,500 here.