Virat Kohli features in new ad film for MPL

Published on:

Online gaming platform MPL released new ad film on social media with star India cricketer Virat Kohli “Darr Ko Hatao, Bada Khel Jao” slogan meaning people can play without worrying about cheaters and on the gaming platform.

Throughout the short film, the former Indian skipper can be seen exposing multiple copies of him as cheaters. Virat, who is also an investor in MPL, is seen educating viewers that both the players and their money are safe on MPL. The ad basically ensures that people can play online games on MPL without worrying about being cheated.

The campaign comes a part of MPL’s long-running Zero Tolerance Policy towards cheaters, bots, and fraud accounts on their gaming platform.

Last year, in November, MPL reported banning over one million fraud accounts. These accounts were made using fake KYC documents, using stolen cards for payment or were trying to alter to gain advantage using hacks and other similar methods.

The gaming platform also reported crossing 25 lakh active players in the same month in 2022. Due to so many people using the gaming platform on a regular basis, steps to prevent any form of cheating or unfair/illegal practice was deemed as need of the hour.

Many other online gaming companies also take several steps to ensure the game is equal for every player, but in some cases these cheaters are able to bypass the security or anti-cheat measures while it may take some time, all cheaters are eventually caught with regular updates in of the platform.

As of now, MPL claims to have a very strong anti-cheat system that no one can bypass which is really necessary for not only MPL but for all online gaming platforms especially due to the latest season of IPL.